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  • Low smoke low halogen flame r
  • Shielded power cable
  • Welding Cable
  • 4/6 AWG Duplex Service Drop
  • Metal shielded power cable
  • TR-XLPE Insulated URD Cable

Mine Cable

Mine Cable
Standard: IEC 60502,BS and other standard
Capacity: 1000km/m
Voltage: 0.66/1.14KV

Mine cable classification
MY mining mobile rubber sleeve cable, MYQ mine light rubber soft cable, MYP mine cable
Mine cableConductive wire core
Flexibility requirement drill cables, mining machine cable is highest; the following measures lead structure:
1, using soft, fine diameter copper wire, with small section distance beam, complex stranded. The influence of insulation and sheath structure also affected the whole cable bending and torsion, and therefore can not be considered the finer filament, smaller pitch is better.
2, using the same direction bundle and complex twist, can improve the flexibility.
3, in order to facilitate relative sliding of the conducting wire in the insulation layer and convenient installation and maintenance, drill cables and a small section of the digging machine cable conductor monofilament tin, large section mining machine cable in the outer conductor with insulating isolation tape.
Insulation layer: requires adequate electrical insulation properties
1, the use of rubber containing no less than thirty-five percent of the rubber
2, the insulation thickness is thicker than the common rubber sleeve cable.
3, the use of good electrical rubber, and the use of good extrusion process (such as extrusion of rubber vulcanization continuous production line)
Shielding layer
The semi conductive rubber is used as the shield layer, so that the transition resistance can be reached to the standard, so as to ensure the reliable operation of the relay protection system in the accident state.
Pad core
1, the pad core to fully play the role of the cable in the cable, the buffer effect, and can not over the ambassador outside diameter is too large. The gap between the insulating core wires is designed reasonably.
2, the mechanical properties should not be less than the requirements of insulating rubber.
3, can not be produced with the insulation wire core.
Cabling structure:
1, to use a smaller pitch ratio, improve the flexibility of the cable.
2, in order to ensure the mechanical strength of the ground wire core, the ground wire core section is larger than the general purpose cable, small section products, the same section as the main line pipe.
3, the control line core to separate the composite group, and then together with the main line into the cable.
Sheath layer:
1, the requirement has enough mechanical strength, good wear resistance. Underground cables require flame retardant. Therefore, the use of chloride butyl rubber, and the amount of plastic is not less than fifty percent.
2, 6KV moves the rubber sleeve cable to require the sheath to have enough electrical insulation, and improves the corona cracking resistance of the sheath.

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