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  • Low smoke low halogen flame r
  • Shielded power cable
  • Welding Cable
  • 4/6 AWG Duplex Service Drop
  • Metal shielded power cable
  • TR-XLPE Insulated URD Cable

NYCWY Category

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pvc cable
Applications Overview

The NYCWY cable range is used as fixed wiring power supply for indoor and outdoor applications with a voltage rating of 600/1000V where increased electrical conductivity with accompanying protection is required. It is particularly suited for underground laying, notably in subscriber networks and power stations where it can be buried without additional protection or in concrete. It is also used as control cable for the transmission of control impulses and test data. This range has a water and UV-resistant sheath for outdoor use.

NYCWY-RE / NYCWY-RM/NYCWY-SM Cable Construction
- NYCWY-RE cable
- NYCWY-RM cable
- NYCWY-SM cable
- Solid copper (Class 1)
- Stranded round copper (Class 2)
- Stranded sectorial copper (Class 2)
Insulation Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) DIV4
Bedding PVC
Concentric conductor Waveconal outer conductor (copper wire and counter spiral copper tape)
Sheath PVC DMV5
This multi-core cable has an operating temperature range of -5℃to +70℃.
NYCWY Cable Dimensions
Some of our most popular NYCWY cable sizes include 3-core variations:
Part Number Number of Cores Nominal Cross-Sectional Area Conductor Type Maximum Overall Diameter mm Nominal Weight kg/km
A9NYCWY03010/10 3 10mm2 RE/10 19.4 750
A9NYCWY03016/16 3 16mm2 RE/16 21.4 1050
A9NYCWY03025/16 3 25mm2 RM/16 25.5 1600
A9NYCWY03025/25 3 25mm2 RM/25 25.5 1600
A9NYCWY03035/35 3 35mm2 SM/35 25.7 1850
A9NYCWY03035/16 3 35mm2 SM/16 27.6 1700
A9NYCWY03050/50 3 50mm2 SM/50 28.7 2400
A9NYCWY03050/25 3 50mm2 SM/25 28.7 2300
A9NYCWY03070/70 3 70mm2 SM/70 33.8 3300
A9NYCWY03070/35 3 70mm2 SM/35 32.8 2900
A9NYCWY03095/95 3 95mm2 SM/95 37.8 4500
A9NYCWY03095/50 3 95mm2 SM/50 37.8 4000
A9NYCWY03120/70 3 120mm2 SM/120 41.8 5500
A9NYCWY03120/70 3 120mm2 SM/70 40.8 5000
For full technical specifications and other core sizes and cross-sectional area sizes please refer to the datasheets or speak to our technical team for more advice.

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