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PVC market calm atmosphere but Futures maintain shock

Release time:2018-04-23 15:51 hit:

The PVC market was calm and the futures remained volatile. Spot transactions were tepid. Businesses cautiously wait and see, local market prices are not volatile, a small number of businesses in eastern China offer a slight increase of 10-20 yuan / ton.
The PVC market in Shanghai was slightly adjusted, but the market sentiment was relatively light. The downstream inquiries and purchase enthusiasm were normal. The transactions were tepid.
The PVC market in Hebei has a calm atmosphere and tepid demand. The mainstream prices remain stable and price fluctuations are limited.
The PVC market in Guangzhou has a stable atmosphere with a general demand. The overall transaction is tepid and the participants have a strong wait-and-see attitude. The mainstream price is limited.
The PVC market in Hangzhou is narrowly sorted. Traders basically operate at a stable price, but their willingness to ship at low prices is low. Some high models see slight gains and the overall deal is generally low.
There are calm atmosphere, transactions in general, in Qilu chemical city PVC market.The participants were on the sidelines, and the mainstream price was not volatile.The mainstream price volatility is not. Really focused on negotiations.

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